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3 Tier Corded Lace Veil (NEW $18.99) wedding bridal layer 3T (vby2186wt)

US $89.50
In stock: yes
This is a gorgeous 3-tier white wedding veil. The veil is attached to a clear comb. The back of the comb has a back cover that is decorated with pearls and corded lace. Each tier is also decorated with corded lace. Veil has pencil edge finish. This gorgeous wedding veil has a medium fullness to it. Retail Value $69.00.

UPC #609132281297

Approximate measurements: 1st Tier Length = 22"
2nd Tier Length = 26"
3rd Tier Length = 32"
Color: White
PLEASE NOTE: Veils usually become wrinkled in transit. Happily, it is very easy to remove the wrinkles from your veil. Simply hang your veil up for a day or two, and the wrinkles should fall right out on their own. If you have a few stubborn wrinkles, hang the veil in the bathroom (but not in the shower itself) and take a hot, steamy shower. By the time you're done, your veil should be wrinkle-free. We do not recommend ironing your veil. Tulle is very delicate and may melt or burn.

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